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Carbon Offsets
Core Carbon Principles | Analyst Note | May 2023
Monday, 1st May 2023

The Core Carbon Principles of the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market have long been a much-anticipated integrity initiative in the VCM. Although only the Programme-level Assessment is available as yet, there is already a lot to talk about. In this analyst note, we introduce and evaluate the material available as well as introduce the history and the structure of the IC-VCM and existing integrity initiatives in the market. Our hope is to enhance our readers’ understanding of the Core Carbon Principles and their implications.

Table of Content

Introduction and Contextual Information
Core Carbon Principles Explained in Details
Additional Attributes
Core Carbon Principles – and other Integrity Initiatives
Final Comments and Considerations
BONUS: Interview with the Environmental Markets Fairness Foundation

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cCarbon has mapped both the demand as well as supply of SAF to size the market. The research indicates that global SAF consumption in 2022 (as per offtake agreements) stood at 494 million litres.
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