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Sustainable Fuels
2030 Global SAF Market Outlook
Tuesday, 21st February 2023
10:00 am PT

Clean Aviation presents one of the largest challenges and greatest opportunities in the Sustainable Transition. Aviation is the second biggest contributor to global transportation emissions at 11.6%. Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) have garnered a lot of recent attention, but questions and confusion reign. This webinar aims to answer those issues.

We will discuss SAF types and technologies, challenges and opportunities in adoption, current and projected market sizes , production volumes and locations, stakeholder analysis, and analyse any and all legislation and state incentives impacting SAF. After all, the mosaic of Clean Fuel Standards across America also have provisions for supporting SAF expansion and uptake. SAF is a huge market in its own right, and it will echo loudly across other environmental assets. This is the pre-flight check before this market starts to soar

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