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  • North America End of Year Regulatory Round-up: Tracing 2023’s Carbon Market Transformations & Gearing Up for 2024
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North America End of Year Regulatory Round-up: Tracing 2023’s Carbon Market Transformations & Gearing Up for 2024
Wednesday, 13th December 2023
10:00 am PT

2023 has been an exciting year for carbon markets across North America. We have seen the launch of Washington state’s cap and invest program, important proposed changes to California and Quebec’s cap and trade program, ongoing RGGI review, and the first steps for a new market in New York state. We have also seen evolving dynamics for compliance offsets, and proposed changes to offset use and protocols in some jurisdictions. In addition to this, new climate-financial risk and voluntary offsetting disclosure rules will continue to alter the landscape for California businesses and beyond. 

cCarbon is excited to host a discussion on these developments with experts from across the North American carbon spectrum: 

Jon Costantino is the founding principal at Tradesman advisors. He is one of the pioneers of California’s cap and trade program, and a recognized authority on climate change regulation.  

Isaac Kastama is an important to contributor to Washington state’s historic Climate Commitment Act, Clean Fuel Standard and Clean Electricity standard, and an experienced advocate for environmental interests. He is a principal at Water Street Public Affairs. 

Pierre-Olivier Pineau is an energy policy and management specialist who has published works on an array of climate and energy topics, and is currently the Chair in Energy Sector Management at HEC Montreal. 

Justin Johnson is an experienced policy expert across state and federal governments in the US and Australia, and brings years of experience as a board member with the RGGI. He is currently the RGGI representative for IETA and a partner at MMR. 

Harry Horner is cCarbon’s strategy lead and brings a knack for synthesizing insights from across the vast climate initiative landscape. 

Craig Rocha is cCarbon’s cap and trade team lead, and has extensive experience in researching the California, Quebec, and Washington markets. 

Join us on December 13th at 10am PT for an in-depth conversation on what we have seen in 2023, and what is coming up in 2024. 

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