About Us
Our Prediction, Purpose, and Product
Our Prediction
We Can See the Future

It’s a future where carbon has replaced fossil fuels as the primary means of economic production. ​

The ‘permission to pollute’ is a scarce resource. The globally regulated markets for grades of carbon are transparent, mature, and geo-politically decisive markets.​

Trade flows occur from carbon-rich regions – like rainforests or natural coastlands in LEDC’s – to carbon-poor regions – like heavily industrialised nations.​

Our Purpose
Forecasting ​Environmental Markets

Wise Sage – Trusted Advisor – cCarbon’s mission is to deliver decisive, accurate, and timely insight across the world’s environmental markets.​ We will be the informational and analytical rock that businesses build their future upon. ​

Consulting out core functions is not sustainable for businesses.​ Carbon is emerging as the critical enabler of economic activity, cCarbon builds informational tools to support firms to make their own decisions, permanently empowering clients away from consulting.

As such, cCarbon aims at ‘un-consulting’ across all environmental markets​.

Our Company
A Product of cKinetics

cCarbon (formerly California Carbon) is a division of cKinetics and part of its range of solutions. 

cKinetics (www.cKinetics.com) is a Sustainability Insight, Innovation and Capital firm. 

We are a team of specialists across multiple disciplines who have come together to develop solutions that are sustainable for the planet and are profitable. Our approach continues to be driven with the belief that we are in the midst of a changing economic order both on the production and consumption front that will necessitate the emergence of a Sustainability Economy. 

 cKinetics provides solutions in the areas of: 

  • Capturing market data to provide actionable insight, information and analytics
  • Creating and implementing a resource blueprint and improving process efficiency
  • Providing access to capital for innovation and sustainability

 We believe we are in the midst of a repricing (right-pricing) of natural resources. New models where growth and resource consumption are decoupled will shape the competitive environment of the future. 

Our Context

We’ve been around the block when it comes to environmental markets. We’ve seen markets come and go, prices rise and fall, we understand the cycles of market evolution.​ Experience (and its Data) is what enables us to forecast the future.​

Here’s our own brief history:

Information and reporting product for WCI​​

Emissions Forecasting​

Released first & market's best forecast with 99.7% accuracy​​​

Clean Fuels Coverage​​

Launched LCFS product​​​​

New Ownership​

cKinetics re-imagines cCarbon as a data & insights business​​​​​

Voluntary Carbon Market Coverage​​

Price Window brings new transparency to Voluntary Carbon Market​​​​​

Global Coverage

EU ETS, UK ETS, iRECs, and more added to the stable.​

New Platform Launch​​​​

Launch of proprietary trading signals and customizable forecast models​

The Future​​

An interlocking global network of forecast models across regions and market types.​​​


Nikhil Agarwal


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Arpit Soni

Associate Director ​

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Harry Horner

Strategy Head​​

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Abhinay Chauhan

Data Insights Specialist​

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Tarana Ahmad

Publication Manager​

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Gabriel Stoltzfus

Client Associate​

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Pawan Mehra

Economic Advisor​

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Somil Goyal

Product Advisor​

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Tom Tuchmann

President, US Forest Capital​

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Jon Costantino

Founding Principal at Tradesman Advisors​

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Michael Carter

President-Research & Advisory Division at E Source​

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Nitin Tanwar

Founder & CEO, Climate Connect Digital​

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Lisa DeMarco

Senior Partner and CEO, Resilient LLP​

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Kevin Poloncarz

Partner, Covington & Burling LLP​

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Nico van Aelstyn

Partner, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP​

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Malini Vittal

Founding Member 32 Cents, ex-Gartner​

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Dr. Sabine Joseph

Partner, Artificial Intelligence at 33A​

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Chandan Kumar
Chief Economist and a Founding Member of the cCarbon.info

He built and operated some of the first supply-demand and price forecasting models for the WCI market. With just a single year of program data, he achieved market leading model accuracy of 99.7% in forecasting California’s 2014 emissions. The continued and remarkable accuracy of his carbon modelling over the years led Chandan into somewhat of a celebrity status at industry events across North America. Although, on these trips, this professional acclaim was far less interesting for Chandan than experiencing the best of North America, and learning the stories of its people.

On May 5th, 2021, Chandan left this world far too soon after suffering in hospital with COVID. Condolences were received from around the carbon world, many mentioning Chandan’s irresistible charm and ability to connect with people. He had evolved with ClimateConnect into a fantastic leader and listener. All those who had worked with him knew how they had lost a mentor and a trusted friend, rather than a manager or a colleague.

His legacy will live on, both in the memories and stories shared by those who knew him, but also in a collection after his death. This was set up into the Chandan Kumar Memorial Fund, which has supported young Indian scholars into their study of environmental economics.

Chandan, in part for your immeasurable contributions to CC.info, but more for what you brought to all our lives, we thank you and will forever remember you.