Use Cases – Cap and Trade
Use Case Market Tracking & Trends Price Discovery & Mark-to-Market Understanding Regulation & Legistation Trading Decisions Long-term Compliance and Decarbonization Strategies Project Financing Horizon Risk Management
Client’s Headaches: Falling behind market developments now Pricing uncertainty & Balance-sheet risk New regulatory burdens & pen-stroke risk Market volatility & timing of execution Future price risk in compliance vs opportunity cost of investing other renewable electricity options Persuading investors to back projects / deciding which projects to back Trends in corporate or state utility demand for RECs, and the projections of supply and demand in US regions
cCarbon's Solution:
  • Monthly Market Reviews, Commentaries
  • Articles & Interviews
  • Core Market & Deep-Dive Dashboards
  • Price Windows
  • Aggregated Exchange & Broker Prices
  • Consistent multi-year price histories to download (membership-dependent)
  • Legislative Landscape – A tool showing updated North American Cap-and-Trade bills and policy in progress by state and program
  • Webinars on Newest Developments
  • Expert & Insider Interviews – From developers, regulators, and buyers alike. Learn from the leaders, first-movers, and wise old heads
  • Trader’s View
    – Trading Outlook Models – high frequency & resolution
    – Correlation & Comparison Analysis
    – Key metrics for market trends & position analysis
  • Bank Index – Comparison of net-supply-demand tensions across investable markets to identify trading opportunities
  • Carbon.Outlook Models
    – Renowned fundamental, net-stock, and price forecasting capability
  • Compliance Strategy Calculator
    – Offset-saving discount
    – NPV & Cost of Carry analysis
  • Carbon.Outlook Price Models
    – Renowned fundamental, net-stock, and price forecasting capability
  • Analyst Hours: Tailored consulting projects
  • InSight Reports & Analyst Notes
    – Examining the trends and technologies of Tomorrow
    – Primers on upcoming market and new opportunities
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