Carbon Offsets
Visions for the VCM Part II
Thursday, 11th April 2024
10:00 am PT

What do the 2030/2050 fundamentals of the carbon offsets market look like?  

In the sequel to our scenario gathering exercise earlier this year, we will be presenting the fundamental modeling results to each of our four scenarios: Conventional Hopes, Disintegration to Bilateral, Compliance Foundations, and Transition to Removals.

To unpack the implications of each of these scenarios, and to provide their own vision for the future of the VCM, cCarbon is excited to host a panel discussion with the following experts:

Stephen Donofrio: Principal and Founder of GreenPoint Innovations, and former Managing Director of Ecosystem Marketplace 

Gordon Bennett: Managing Director, Utility Markets and Global Head of Environmental Markets at the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) 

Philip Moss: Chair, NextGen CDR and Global Director, Tech Carbon Removals, at South Pole 

Uncertainty over the paths ahead has never been greater for carbon credits. Through this conversation, and in presenting the findings from cCarbon’s recent modeling, we will try to unveil the ways in which this market could develop, and consequently understand which credits will be vastly over supplied and which will be in hot demand. A vital insight for all stakeholders investing, buying, or developing offset projects.

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